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SA Machined Metal MX Keycap - 1u R1 (esc)

SA Machined Metal MX Keycap - 1u R1 (esc)

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This premium SA profile MX stem keycap has been machined from finest quality solid billets of aluminum, brass or copper then processed to a bright finish.  The top face of the keycap features a subtle texture to provide both tactile and visual contrast.

Designed to fit standard Cherry MX (and compatible) mechanical keyboard switches with an SA (Signature Plastics "Spherical All") profile, which defines the key profile/shape, row 1 (sculpted) which defines the key location,  1u which defines the key's width and makes this key a perfect match for the Escape/Function row (for "sculpted" builds where the function key row is a repeat of the number keys), as well as the number-key row.


SA profile has a long pedigree dating back to the mid 1970s, and gives a unique retro look and feel to your mechanical keyboard build while the unconventional use of materials such as brass aluminum or copper will impart a subtle modern touch to this timeless classic.


The distinctive characteristics of SA are its curved surfaces derived from sections of spheres, and its taller ride height than either OEM or GMK attributed in part a stem that is flush to the bottom of the keycap.  These keycaps pair well with inset plate keyboard designs.


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Weight: 5.9g (AL),  15g (Brass)

Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum or Brass 

Profile: SA (Row 1 sculpted = Escape/Number key Rows)

Width: 1u  (18 x 18mm is the standard 'letter key' width) 

Stem: MX  (eg: Cherry and compatible key-switch)

Finish: Bright (Tumbled or Polished) visible tool paths should be expected (other finish available upon request)


[Other rows, widths or finish customizations available upon request]

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