Design Gallery

Need ideas for your customization? Here are some examples of past work

Outrun Custom White
Deep Blue Anodize
White Rabbit
5-Speed Hazard
University of Texas Keycap Set
Barista Tools with Resin Inlay
Full Length Knurl
Hard Black Resin Inlay with Powder Coat Sleeve
Custom Engraved Tamper
Custom Anodized Espresso Distributor
Partial Length Knurl
Ohio State / Powder Coat / Engrave + Infill
Binary in Brass
Cherry Profile / PIXEL GMK
The Banana
"Lakes" Espresso Tool Handles
"Ebony Stripe" Tamper InlaY
"Camper 1": Tamper with Engraved Inlay
"Camper 2" Distributor with Engraved Inlay
Tamper with Stabilized Maple Resin inlay
"Mach 5" Tamper Handle
"Buffalo Nickel" Distributor with Custom inlay
"Titanium Stonewash" OEM Keycap
"LSU" OEM Keycap Set