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GMK Machined Metal MX Keycap - 1u R1 (esc)

GMK Machined Metal MX Keycap - 1u R1 (esc)

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This premium GMK profile MX stem keycap has been machined from finest quality solid billets and tumbled to a bright finish.  The top face of the keycap features a subtle texture to provide both tactile and visual contrast

Designed to fit standard Cherry MX (and compatible) mechanical keyboard switches with an Cherry/GMK profile (key shape) Row 1 (key location), which makes it a perfect match for the Escape/Function key row, as well as the number-key rows


Cherry/GMK is very similar to it's more common cousin (OEM) and often found in post  purchase designer group buys or bespoke keycap sets, however Cherry/GMK is becoming more common on mass market keyboard purchases as well. 


The most distinctive differentiators between Cherry and OEM profiles are the tapered cornered fillets found on side-walls of the cherry profile keycap, and a slightly shorter profile height. 


( If you are unsure what you need, or are looking for something else, We can help! Please don't hesitate to email us at


Weight: 4.3g

Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum or Brass 

Profile: GMK (Row 1 = Escape/Number key Rows)

Width: 1u  (18 x 18mm is the standard 'letter key' width) 

Stem: MX  (aka: Cherry)


[Other rows, widths or finish customizations available upon request]

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